Our radio


Radio Maria Kenya is a member of the World family of Radio Maria. It started it’s operations in the Month of August the year 2008 and was hosted by the Catholic Diocese of Murang’a on the third floor of CDM Centenary Building. It’s official launch was held on the 19th of August 2008 in a celebration of the Holy Mass presided by His Eminence Cardinal John Njue.


The main purpose of the radio is to preach the Word of God and make His love for humanity known to all. This is done mainly using the Holy Scriptures as a point of reference in all the radio programs and also by fostering Prayer and teaching catechesis.
The Radio also concerns itself with Human promotion issues that are aimed at improving man in the social-emotional, financial and health aspects of development, so as to bring forth a well rounded Christian.

Inspiring Princples:

Charisma – Radio Maria Kenya is dedicated to spreading the Gospel and keeps itself faithful to this commitment by shunning away fro m the kind of programming that may appear to glorify mankind other than God. It is a place where the weak and lowly find consolation. It grows and develops through the support of listeners and Christians of good will, who give generously according to one’s ability and skill. Most of the work in Radio Maria Kenya is done on voluntary – basis, by individuals who are driven by the love of Our Lady, who is the matron of the project and the desire to live their missionary mandate of preaching the good news to all the corners of the world.

Current track