Dear brethren.

Working with Radio Maria has taught me great lessons of relying on the Divine Providence. Through the intercession of Our Blessed Mother, a volunteer walks in to offer some hours of their time to the work of saving souls. When we feel that we are down financially, the same Lord sends us support.

Today, I write to make an appeal for your financial support. There are moments that I am told that the generator needs diesel to make it ran. Am told that the daily mass cannot be transmitted because we are short of airtime, and the litany continues.

I write to appeal to you to assist us continue this work of saving souls.

The success of this mission depends on your generosity.

Please send us your financial contributions and be a missionary by helping us save a soul for Christ.

Thanks for being part of this great family.

Paybill number 316769.


Fr Martin, Director, RMK


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